Since then, we have offered the event featuring the Cheetah in 2005, the African Elephant in 2006, the Orangutan in 2007, the Frog in 2008, the Chimp in 2009, the Polar Bear in 2010, the Black Footed Cat in 2011, the Sumatran Tiger in 2012, the Humboldt Penguin in 2013, the King Penguin in 2014, the Orangutan in 2015, the Gorilla in 2016, the Elephant in 2017, the Giraffe in 2018, the Tree Kangaroo in 2019, the Sloth in 2020, the Koala in 2021, the Shark in 2022. and the Sea Otters in 2023! We hope to grow the event each year, raising awareness and portions of proceeds for our featured endangered species through the kansas city zoo conservation efforts.

Event Midwest L.L.C. partnered with the Kansas City Zoo and Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation to provide the perfect venue for the 2004 inaugural event with the Eastern Black Rhino as our featured endangered species. In 2004, USA Olympians, Charlie Gruber, from the University of Kansas and Derrick Peterson, from the University of Missouri participated in the inaugural event and led the 1-Mile event. Over 1000 participants loved the beautiful scenery, as they wound their way through the wetlands of Kenya, on past Botswana and up through Australia. 

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